Cercle to Bring Series of 360° Traveling Concerts to Life With Immersive “Odyssey” Concept

Cercle, the renowned Parisian production company and event organizer, is launching an ambitious new concert concept, Cercle Odyssey.

Picture stepping into a massive concert arena where you’re surrounded by giant screens on all sides. These screens, some as tall as 40 feet and as long as 180 feet, wrap around the audience and show high-definition videos that sync perfectly with the music. It’s enough to make you feel like you’re inside the performance—not just watching it.

To deepen engagement and foster a genuine sense of connection among attendees, Cercle Odyssey will also enforce a strict no-phone policy. It’s a decision that’s reflective of a deepening trend within the electronic dance music community, wherein numerous high-profile artists and institutions are encouraging fans to be more present.

The 360° spectacle is set to launch in 2025, per Billboard, and will bring more fans closer to the unique experience Cercle offers the dance music faithful around the world.

“My current obsession is to create the shortest connection between the music played by the artist, the video narrative that we will present live on the screens, and the audience’s emotions,” said Cercle’s Founder, Derek Barbolla. “I want to connect these three things together at the deepest level and I believe this is still underdeveloped in the entertainment industry. If, by the end of a Cercle Odyssey show, I see people on the dance floor literally moved to tears, then I will consider it a success.”

You can find out more about Cercle Odyssey here and check out the trailer below.

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