Rain Battered and Shut Down Ultra—But Not Before We Captured These Incredible Images

Not even a teeming onslaught of icy rain could stop the Ultra family from doing what they do best: rave.

Ultra Music Festival diehards paid no mind to the torrential downpour, which forced an evacuation on Friday night. Drenched in euphoria and lost in trance-inducing beats, a luminous diaspora of audacious ravers sparked to life across Bayfront Park, their hair whiplashing in the rain.

Undaunted by Mother Nature’s soggy tantrums, legions of neon warriors turned puddles into makeshift stomping grounds as Tiësto and SLANDER soundtracked the tempestuous mayhem.

We were on the ground to capture the one-of-kind festival experience prior to its cancellation. Check out our exclusively gallery below. All photos for EDM.com by Kelly Knisel.

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