MEDUZA Aim to Bring the Spirit of House Music to the Heart of the Las Vegas Strip

MEDUZA‘s ascent to prominence is not merely a tale of musical prowess, but a testament to their deep-rooted belief in the transformative power of sound.

The trio, hailing from Italy, has always been driven by a shared vision to redefine the contours of electronic and more specifically, its method of consumption.

Since bursting onto the scene in 2020 with hits such as “Piece of Your Heart” and “Lose Control,” MEDUZA have made their mark on the club circuit, including becoming staples in Ibiza with their curated party offering, “Our House.” Now, the trio is turning their attention to Las Vegas, where they’re slated to join the rotation at the illustrious Zouk Nightclub and Ayu Dayclub at Resorts World Las Vegas.

“It was a pretty easy decision,” MEDUZA said of the opportunity in an interview with “They believed in the project and they believed in the fact that we can bring house music to Vegas.”

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As a trio, MEDUZA describe their dynamic in synergistic terms. “We’re lucky to be three and not one, because we can work on different aspects of the music, the DJ sets—100% of the project,” they said, elaborating that their dynamic eases the dual stresses of touring and creative output among all members.

MEDUZA’s sound is characterized by its depth and complexity, weaving together soul-stirring layers of melody and rhythm to create tracks that are as introspective as they are invigorating. This signature style is a product of their diverse influences, from the classic house grooves of the 90s to the cutting-edge sounds of contemporary dance music.

It’s an experience worth putting the phone down for, which audiences have continued to do with the popularity of MEDUZA’s “Our House” performances. A recent run of limited dates saw the implementation of a unique no phone policy was implemented in an effort to bring back the spirit of dancing and losing track of time under neon lights.

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The idea was born last summer, MEDUZA tell us. “Especially in Ibiza during the summer we go to other DJs’ shows and see the vibe of the room, what kind of music they play. We noticed that during some shows with visuals, there were people in the crowd filming for the entire show,” they said.

“After the drop they were just turning off the phone and not vibing, not feeling anything. There was no connection between the crowd and the DJ and that was really sad because it’s not clubbing,” they continue. “We can understand that when you go to a concert or a big festival, but when you go to a club, the first rule—and I will say rule—is to vibe and be connected with the music. That’s the power of the DJ.”

Following the initial trials of the group’s no-phone policy, the public reception was especially well-received, they said. While their Las Vegas residency won’t be embracing a no-phone policy, MEDUZA are feeling excited to bring the same high energy live experience to crowds this March.

The group is eager to embrace the opportunity to bring traditional house music to Las Vegas but in a way that also acknowledges their increasingly large-scale commercial appeal. A crucial element to their expanding global presence is their forthcoming collaboration with UEFA for the 2024 European Championship, a project that will see a collaboration between MEDUZA, OneRepublic and Kim Petras come to form.

As MEDUZA continue to navigate the next chapter in their artistic journey, they are entering it seemingly more informed about their craft and direction than ever.

“If they know the songs in Vegas that’s a good starting point,” MEDUZA said. “Thank God we have songs people can sing in this show, but at the same time in-between we can play powerful tracks coming from the club side of MEDUZA and I think it’s going to be a great experience.”

MEDUZA’s Resorts World Las Vegas residency starts with an appearance at Ayu Dayclub on March 16th.

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