Covex On Why His Long-Awaited Sophomore Album Gave Him “A New Sense of Purpose”

A new artistic chapter is unfolding in the story of Covex.

The esteemed producer is jumping headlong into 2024 by unveiling bits and pieces of OSCILLATE, his hotly anticipated sophomore album. Out May 16th via the renowned record label Seeking Blue, the project is shaping up to be his best piece of work yet.

After making a splash with “Power,” a scintillating combination of garage production and aching vocals from Yianna, Covex has now teamed up with Fi Sullivan for “Another Night.” Out now, the stunning track combines the whimsy of indie-pop with bubbly sound design with playful production and a powerful topline from Sullivan. Nostalgic and dancefloor-ready, it beautifully sets the stage for his album rollout. caught up with Covex to discuss the creative and collaborative process of “Another Night,” lessons learned from his upcoming project, his plans for 2024, and more. Your collaboration with Fi Sullivan on “Another Night” seems to have been an incredibly efficient and fruitful process. Can you walk us through how the lyrics and melody came together in just one day, and how Sullivan’s vocals added that special touch to the track?

Covex: Fi and I have been friends for around five years and since seeing her live, I knew she had something powerful in her voice and lyrics. We toyed with the idea of making a song together for a long time but it wasn’t until I made the instrumental for “Another Night” I knew she would be a great fit.

Fi came over to my home studio in the summer of 2023, I showed her a few ideas but “Another Night” stuck out the most. We agreed we wanted to make a dance banger but to keep it sweet and light-hearted. It was one of those magical sessions where things flowed very naturally. She would come up with a line, and then I would immediately follow that with another. The process was quick and seamless. Her voice has so much emotion and soul. Without her on this track, it wouldn’t be the same.

View the original article to see embedded media. “Another Night” combines indie-pop and dance music elements in a stunning way, something a combination of sounds you’re no stranger to. How do you navigate the creative space between these genres?

Covex: I rarely go into making music with the intention of combining genres. With this song, in particular, I started by sampling my fingers running across my upright piano strings. I created a dense bed of ambiance and natural sound, then started messing around with a lead sound using one of Ableton’s Max For Live devices, and finally filled it all in with a driving bassline. I think what makes it the combination of those genres is the use of natural and synthetic sounds. “Another Night” sets the stage for what promises to be a standout year for you. Can you give our readers a sneak peek into what they can expect from your forthcoming album?

Covex: My second album OSCILLATE continues the story of my previous EPs, Solis and Luna. The album is a story about the human experience and duality of life.

It’s divided into two discs—the first is a more light-hearted, bright, upbeat side which I’ll continue to call Solis (resembling the sun) and the second is a darker, heavier and more emotional side called Luna (resembling the moon). When creating the EP’s, I knew I wanted them to be part of a larger body of work. It’s a story I’ve wanted to tell for many years and it’s my favorite project I’ve ever made. Could you share the most pivotal lesson you learned while creating “Another Night,” or the entire album in general?

Covex: It’s impossible to know when a song is done but there’s usually a feeling you have on the first day of creating the idea, a very emotional feeling. It’s important to save that moment in the song and not “edit” it away. If you had to describe the album in three words, what would those be?

Covex: Duality, Sun and Moon. Your debut album A Change of Perspective was released back in 2021. How did your approach to producing and conceptualizing this forthcoming album differ from your debut, and what growth do you feel it represents in your musical journey?

Covex: My debut A Change of Perspective and my forthcoming OSCILLATE have many similarities. The music that I’ve made and continue to make, doesn’t necessarily fit into one box. Some days I love to make pretty, ethereal music and others I’m excited to try out a new bass sound design technique.

It’s always been like this. I get easily bored by trying to “fit in” to a certain sound or emotion. In creating OSCILLATE, I wanted to showcase both sides of those sounds and feelings by separating the record into two distinct pieces.

I learned a lot about myself through the three years of creating this, both artistically and personally. I experienced some monstrous highs and the lowest of lows, which all can be felt and heard in this album. This album gave me a new sense of purpose and confidence. I’m insanely proud of this work.



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