How OMNOM and Odd Mob Forged HYPERBEAM Through Friendship and Creative Synergy

In a world where two heads are often better than one, friendship becomes the ultimate power-up. Imagine Mario without Luigi, Batman without Robin or even peanut butter without jelly. That’s the magic of synergy at play—where the “dynamic duo” takes on a whole new meaning.

Now, house music enthusiasts are rejoicing after two of the genre’s beloved DJs, OMNOM and Odd Mob, joined forces to introduce their a collaborative venture, HYPERBEAM, as well as the project’s debut single, “All Day, All Night.” The track is out now via Insomniac Records.

In a candid conversation with, the duo peeled back the layers of their collaborative process and delved into the dynamics of their enduring friendship.

Amid the meteoric success of their previous collaborations, “Losing Control” and “Mind Awake, Body Asleep,” the synergy between the members of HYPERBEAM is undeniable, characterized by their shared sense of humor and infectious energy. The duo’s name is rooted in their shared love of Pokémon, drawing inspiration from the eponymous attack known for its power and intensity.

The story behind “All Day, All Night” perfectly represents their boundless creativity and dedication to the craft. According to the duo, they actually made the track on OMNOM’s beat-up old soundbar, parts of which had melted from fire damage. They were unable to use their studio that day, but they went ahead and made the song anyway.

“It was a Jambox by Jawbone,” OMNOM recalls. “It was dented, it was melted, it looked like something out of Mad Max, but it still worked and we used that to produce in my living room.”

The pair first connected back in 2020 when Odd Mob was touring in the US. A serendipitous Twitter exchange led him to OMNOM’s doorstep, where they produced their first collaboration, “Strut.” Immediately after their first collaboration, however, the world tragically shut down due to the impact of COVID-19.

Still, their unwavering determination to establish a lasting creative partnership remained, and they stayed connected until they were able to get back in the studio again together over a year later. “This has always kind of been the goal for us, to actually get an actual duo project off the ground,” OMNOM says.

Odd Mob and OMNOM work well together because they’re friends first and foremost. They share ideas quickly and don’t take things too seriously in the studio.

“When we get together, we just bounce ideas off each other really fast,” Odd Mob explains. “I think just working really fast together is what has glued it all together, I suppose. Just the speed.”

They’ve also embraced each other’s quirks and idiosyncrasies. “So [OMNOM] is really funny online, but in person, he’ll just drop a joke, and if no one laughs, he’ll say it five times again in a row until somebody reacts to it,” Odd Mob adds.

In response, OMNOM points out something most people might not know about his HYPERBEAM partner. “[Odd Mob] actually plays a shitload of League of Legends and he’s actually pretty beast at it.”

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Looking ahead, HYPERBEAM envision immersive experiences for their crowds at shows and festivals. They want to give fans something new and exciting, combining each of their unique styles and sounds to make something impactful.

In their dream festival lineup, they imagine gracing the stage alongside Anti Up, John Summit, Dom Dolla and even Swedish House Mafia “just for the feels.” These luminaries serve as great sources of inspiration for the duo.

As HYPERBEAM embark on this exciting journey, one thing remains abundantly clear: the duo is poised to leave a lasting impact on the house music community. You can find their new single “All Day, All Night” on streaming platforms here.



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